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CBD Intensive Relief Rub

CBD Intensive Relief Rub

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Product Description

Say goodbye to body aches with our Intensive Relief Rub, specially formulated to provide maximum relief for muscle and joint discomfort. Our unique blend of premium CBD, emu oil, and other beneficial ingredients all work together to combat tension, stiffness, and soreness, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

With an airless pump spray for easy application, our Intensive Relief Rub is packed with 2,000mg of premium CBD, providing targeted relief for even the toughest body aches. Whether you're dealing with sore muscles after a workout or need relief from daily discomfort, our rub is designed to deliver results.

Our unique formulation goes beyond other topicals by harnessing the power of CBD and emu oil to penetrate deep into your muscles and joints, providing fast-acting and long-lasting relief. Plus, our rub is free from harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances, making it gentle on your skin.

Why suffer in silence? Try our Intensive Relief Rub today and experience the power of CBD for yourself.

Product Highlights

  • Airless pump spray for easy applications
  • Packed with 2,000mg of premium CBD
  • Specially blended with Emu and other beneficial ingredients
  • Assists in the relief of the toughest aches and discomforts
  • Provides maximum relief for muscle and joint aches
  • Combats tension, stiffness and sore muscles
  • A unique formulation designed to deliver results

Our intensive relief rub with emu oil provides a powerful and effective approach to providing relief for the toughest aches and discomforts. Soothes upon contact and can be used as often as needed.

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