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Mint CBN Sleep Support Tincture Drops

Mint CBN Sleep Support Tincture Drops

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Why Should I Choose a Tincture?

Tinctures are an easy way to get the sleep support you need. Our tincture drops are held under the tongue for 60 seconds before swallowing, allowing for faster absorption than doses taken in gummy or softgel form. Many people find tincture drops more effective than gummies and softgels, because direct absorption into the bloodstream means less of the active ingredient gets broken down by the digestive system.

Product Highlights

  • 33.33mg CBN per 1mL dropper
  • 1000mg of Cannibinol (CBN) per bottle
  • Natural Mint Flavor
  • Hemp-derived, grown in the USA
  • Blended with Fractionated Coconut Oil (organic MCT)
  • Calms the body and mind

Cannabinol (CBN) is an effective cannabinoid to turn to when you need help relaxing your mind and body to achieve the restful sleep you need. When taken as recommended, you can expect to start feeling more relaxed in as little as 15 minutes, making these drops a good choice for fast relief.

How to Take

WOO tincture drops are most effective when held under the tongue for 60 seconds before swallowing. This delivery method allows the tincture to be directly absorbed by the blood vessels under the tongue. The benefit of this method is that it provides fast relief, with onset in as little as 15 minutes. 

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