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CBD Energy & Focus Softgels

CBD Energy & Focus Softgels

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Want a Boost with Your CBD?

This incredible proprietary blend of ingredients is your secret weapon for daily energy support. The combination of Taurine and Caffeine supports mental focus and energy, and adding Vitamin B12 further enhances that benefit. Unlike other energy supplements that can leave you feeling jittery or wired, our softgels are designed to give you a naturally-sustained boost without the crash. 

The Highlights

  • 20mg of CBD per softgel
  • 10mg of CBG per softgel
  • Promotes energy and mental focus
  • Enhances alertness
  • Assists memory retention

CBD and CBG: Meet your Cannabinoids

CBG is referred to as the "Mother Cannabinoid" because its acidic form (CBGa) develops and converts to other cannabinoids as the plant matures. Early research indicates CBG may be a potential future treatment for certain neurological conditions, though scientists caution more research is needed. Other benefits overlap those offered by CBD, including anti-inflammatory support and better stress management.

Want to learn more? 

Message our team--and Bill!--here. We are ready to help you get started!

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